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24 December 2018
Another Article on the Transfer Effect of Importing Seafood
”Natural resource policies enacted to protect environmental integrity play an important role in promoting sustainability. However, when resources are shared ecologically, economically, or through a common, global interest, policies implemented to protect resource sustainability in one domain can displace, and in some cases magnify, environmental degradation to other domains…”

27 January 2019
ACSF Comments on Potential Wind Energy Projects
”Critical information for BOEM is that fishermen from Morro Bay and Port San Luis, who will be affected by wind energy development in the two Central Coast Call areas, OPPOSE any project in the Diablo Canyon Call area. This is for two reasons. First, this area’s quality habitat represents prime fishing grounds for spot prawns, groundfish, Dungeness and rock crab, swordfish, salmon, and albacore. (A more complete list of species is found below). Second, based on the knowledge and experience of fishermen based out of the Morro Bay area the belief is that the Call area offshore Piedras Blancas may be more suitable for a wind project than is the Diablo Canyon Call area. Fishermen feel that one such project is the most the Central Coast can manage without having a devastating effect on fishermen and their communities…”

11 February 2019
The Importance of Working Waterfronts to Providing a Sustainable Supply of Seafood to U.S. Consumers: A San Diego Example

”Working waterfronts provide a fresh sustainable seafood supply. They support regional businesses and communities, and contribute to the U.S.’s seafood supply and food security. NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife monitor and manage our fisheries and aim to ensure that U.S. and California citizens benefit from the resulting seafood supply, employment and revenue…”