ACSF Ports & Harbors

The Alliance of Communities for Sustainable Fisheries (ACSF) actively works with representatives from each of these Ports and Harbors, located on the Central Coast area of California. From the Port San Luis in the south, to Pillar Point Harbor in the north. Each of these locations play an important role in the ongoing support of sustainable fisheries in the regions we represent.


Port San Luis | San Luis Obispo County, California

Port San Luis serves the public with an array of commercial and recreational boating, fishing and coastal-related opportunities, while ensuring an environmentally responsible, safe, well-managed and financially sustainable harbor that preserves our marine heritage and character. The harbor has a long history of supporting its commercial fishing industry. Port San Luis is a Special District located on the California coast, about eleven miles south of San Luis Obispo, just past the town of Avila Beach.



Morro Bay Harbor | San Luis Obispo County, California

Morro Bay is a natural embayment with an artificial harbor constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It is the only all-weather small craft commercial and recreational harbor between Santa Barbara and Monterey, CA. The harbor serves the commercial fishing industry, which supplies the community and region with fresh, local and sustainable seafood products. Recreational anglers also use the harbor, including its charter fishing vessels. Morro Rock was originally surrounded by water, but the Army built a large artificial breakwater and road across the north end of the harbor, linking Morro Rock and the mainland. The bay extends inland and parallels the shore for a distance of about four miles south of its entrance at Morro Rock. Morro Bay is recognized for protection by the California Bays and Estuaries Policy.



Moss Landing Harbor | Monterey County, California

Moss Landing is located in Monterey County, California, 15 miles north-northeast of Monterey. The Moss Landing Harbor is an important commercial fishing harbor in the Monterey Bay with 600+ slips for recreational boaters and commercial vessels. Partnering with marine research and education, the Moss Landing Harbor District (MLHD) provides full public access to the environment. Designated as a year round port of safe refuge, Moss Landing Harbor provides safe, reliable marine refuge and services to boating members of this community and welcomed guests. Moss Landing Harbor District continually strives to protect the surrounding natural resources and preserve our fishing heritage, not only for the enjoyment of this generation but for generations to come.



Monterey Harbor | Monterey County, California

Historic Monterey Harbor is located next to Monterey Bay which provides a natural setting for the Monterey Harbor and the Monterey Municipal Marina. Located in the City of Monterey along Del Monte Avenue, the Harbor and Marina provide access to a variety of recreational, as well as, commercial opportunities for residents and visitors alike in this scenic setting. Monterey has a storied commercial fishing legacy and fishing remains a strong part of the Harbor. The working waterfront has become a destination in and of itself as people travel from miles around to launch their boats for fishing or leisure purposes.



Santa Cruz Harbor | Santa Cruz County, California

Santa Cruz Harbor is located 70 miles south of San Francisco and 35 miles north of Monterey in the City of Santa Cruz, California. First constructed in 1964, and expanded in 1973, the harbor provides over 800 permanent slips for recreational, commercial, and research opportunities. Additionally, the harbor provides a launching facility, and secure storage for kayaks, rowing shells, paddle boards and trailerable vessels. For coastal mariners, the harbor is maintained as a year-round harbor of safe refuge coupled with visitor berthing. The harbor was created in large part to provide weather protection for Santa Cruz area commercial fishermen.



Pillar Point Harbor | San Mateo County, California

Pillar Point Harbor is a boat harbor created by a riprap jetty in San Mateo County, California immediately north of Half Moon Bay. The contemporary hamlet is the site of a small cluster of resort hotels and restaurants, and the harbor is now used by a mixture of commercial fishing vessels and pleasure craft. The harbor facilities are managed by the San Mateo County Harbor District. The Harbor is situated at the extreme north edge of the city of Half Moon Bay and at the southern edge of the unincorporated community of Princeton-by-the-Sea. The harbor is known for fresh seafood sales directly off of docked fishing boats.